Staying Healthy and Active as a Family

Getting healthy and active can be a great way to have fun together and improve the health of all the family.

  1. If your child hasn’t been very active, start slowly with bursts of 15 to 30 minutes. Add activities over time until they reach the goal of at least 60 minutes a day.
  2. Build activity into your daily routine—walk to school or the local shop, run up the stairs, play together in the garden or a nearby green.
  3. Free play is just as important as structured activity. Running around the park, cycling, kicking a ball in the garden all count.
  4. Kids love a challenge – setting them a task is a great way to get them active and keep them focused. For example, ask them: ‘How many skips can you do in a minute?’
  5. Don’t let the rain or dark nights spoil the fun—grab the rain gear and set out on an adventure. Or, set up an obstacle course in the hallway—jump over couch cushions, weave through toy trucks, lift a book three times, etc. Your heart beat will be up and you will all be laughing.

Provided by ABC Start Right