Fun Sandwiches

Fun Sandwiches

Presentation is very important to children and sandwiches don’t have to be boring!

What you need

Your child’s favourite sandwich ingredients

What you do

  1. Assemble the ingredients
  2. Using fun shaped pastry cutters, cut sandwiches into shapes to fit the occasion. (e.g. Valentine’s – hearts; Christmas – Christmas trees, holly, stars)

Note: You could also try using letter cut outs and spelling your child’s name for an impressive edible platter.

 Sandwiches with a twist

  1. Remove the crusts from a slice of bread.
  2. Spread with a small amount of mild spreadable cheese or polyunsaturated margarine.
  3. Add a slice of ham or other fillings depending on child’s tastes.
  4. Fold the sandwich lengthways into a roll.
  5. Wrap in cling film and leave in the fridge overnight.
  6. Before placing in the lunchbox next day, cut into thin slices and rewrap with cling film.

 Recipe adapted from Rollercoaster

Taken from “Your Child’s Heart” magazine published by Irish heart Foundation ( ‘The Irish Heart Foundation is the national charity fighting heart disease and stroke. We support, educate and train people to save lives, campaign for patients, promote positive health programmes, fund research and provide vital information. We need your support through donations, as a volunteer or on our training courses’