3 Bean Casserole

A handy standby meal with lots of protein and fibre and a cheaper substitute for meat-based dishes (Serves 6)

What you need fro 3 Bean Casserole

1 onion
1/2 clove of garlic
1/2 tablespoon of pure vegetable oil
1 can of baked beans
1 can of butter beans
1 can of kidney beans
1 can tomatoes (optional)

What you do

  1. Chop the onion and garlic and cook gently in the vegetable oil until soft.
  2. Add all cans of beans and tomatoes and simmer for 5-10 minutes.
  3. Serve with potatoes or crusty bread. Note: Tomatoes or any vegetables can be added to give more flavour and colour.

Taken from “Your Child’s Heart” magazine published by Irish heart Foundation (www.irishheart.ie) ‘The Irish Heart Foundation is the national charity fighting heart disease and stroke. We support, educate and train people to save lives, campaign for patients, promote positive health programmes, fund research and provide vital information. We need your support through donations, as a volunteer or on our training courses’