Top Tips to Keep Your Children Safe at Home

Nine out of ten unintentional injuries are preventable. Children 0-5 are most at risk from injuries in the home. Below are some tips on keeping your home safe for everyone in the family.

  • Get down on your hands and knees (to your child’s height) and go through your home. Ask yourself…Is there anything in this space that could be a danger to a child?
  • To avoid burns and scalds, ensure you have fire guards and spark guards in place. Never leave hot liquids unattended, plug out all appliances when not in use and turn saucepan handles away from edge
  • To avoid falls, use stair gates, keep clutter off floors and stairs and secure furniture to walls
  • To avoid poisoning, keep all dangerous substances locked away. Keep dishwasher and machine wash tablets and all cleaning products out of reach
  • To avoid drowning, never leave your child unattended in the bath and always empty bath immediately. Beware of buckets and vessels outside gathering rain water.
  • Make sure all door and window locks are working and secured; cover sockets and tie up any hanging cords as these pose a serious choking risk.

Know the emergency Numbers 999/ 112 and teach them to your children.