Top Tips for Talking about Responsible Drinking

Alcohol is a part of life for many people. As parents, we want to support our children to have a positive relationship with alcohol and ensure that, if they do choose to drink alcohol as they get older, they do it in a healthy and responsible way. Below are some tips for setting a good example.

  • Think about your own relationship with alcohol and the messages it could be sending your child
  • Try not to associate alcohol with a tough time or long day at the office. Regularly saying, “I could do with a drink” could indicate to your children that alcohol is a necessary part of everyday life or a way to deal with an issue.
  • At family occasions, be aware of how much you or other family members are drinking. Try to limit how often you or others drink alcohol in front of your children
  • Be open and honest with your children. If you don’t know the answer to a question, say that you’ll find out and come back to them or better yet, find out the answer together
  • If they ask about your own experiences of alcohol when you were younger – be honest! However, emphasise the value and importance of waiting until they are an adult and old enough to know the risks associated with drinking alcohol from a young age.

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