Top Tips for supporting your teenager with acne

While spots are the hormonal calling card of adolescence, acne can have quite an impact on self confidence. While you mightn’t be able to cure it,  there are both practical and emotional things that you can do to support your teenager with acne:

  • Remind them that this isn’t something they have done – hormones and bodily changes are part and parcel of becoming/being a teenager
  • Support them around the factors that are in their control – encourage bodily hygiene, healthy eating, sleep and exercise. The added bonus of a healthy lifestyle is that it will also make them better equipped mentally to deal with the stress or confidence issues that often accompany break-outs
  • Take it seriously – laughing your child’s acne off as vanity won’t help their confidence. Try to listen to how they feel and chat about what you can do to address it (maybe visit a dermatologist if it doesn’t seem to be clearing or looks particularly inflamed)
  • Remind them of the mantra ‘this too shall pass’ – while they may find it hard to stay positive, knowing that it will eventually end might help them to cope a little better
  • Limit the chemicals – while the temptation is to keep trying solutions and creams until you find the one that works, this can strip the skin of essential oils and might cause further aggravation. Talk to your GP, pharmacist or natural health store about recommendations and don’t forget to include your teenager in those conversations.