Slimy Spaghetti Sensory Activity for Toddlers

Children of all ages love to get involved in spaghetti playBabies particularly love this type of play and parents don’t have to be too worried if they put it in their mouth as it’s all completely edible! 

What you will need to make slimy spaghetti: 

  • Spaghetti 
  • Oil 
  • Food Colouring 

How you make slimy spaghetti: 

  1. Simply cook up a packet of spaghetti noodles, drain them and rinse with cold water to cool it down quickly.
  2. Divide the spaghetti and add food colouring of your choice. Let the children mix up the colours. 
  3. Add a little vegetable oil, too, to keep the noodles slimy for great sensory play! (Add oil both before and after you colour it) 

Surprisingly, it may take some time for some children to touch the spaghetti with their hands, but once they get into it they will love the slimy sensory activity. 

Along with the coloured spaghetti, set out measuring spoons and cups, a soup ladle, a funnel and a large bucket. The funnel would add a nice effect. It might entice them to pull the spaghetti through the holes of the funnel.  Potions can be mixed and mixed!  

Tip: If you do it inside, maybe throw down a vinyl tablecloth on the floor before starting.