Play & Learning (1-2 Year Old)

Play is a big part of your child’s development.  Play is something a child does and also how your child learns. Play helps your child understand the world around them and gives them a way of exploring ideas in a safe and secure way. Take time out to listen – even if it is only a few minutes. Talk about something you did today with your child. Even if they were with you when you went to the shops, talk about what you did and saw. This repeating of things the child saw and did will help your child memory skills.

Have fun with your kids, play games, mess and use your imagination to encourage their imagination .I spy is great game and even though your child is young and doesn’t understand letters and words you can teach your child new words by getting them to guess. For example say “I spy with my little eye something tall with green leaves”. This encourages your child’s understanding of words and can be good fun.

Celebrate– make family occasions special– have a tradition for your family– like movie night or pizza night even if it’s only once in a while can encourage your child’s sense of belonging. Any time spent having fun with your child helps build a good relationship.

Provided by “Start Right Limerick”