Top tips helping your child build their emotional muscles through play!

· Keep it fun! Follow what your child is doing and become a partner in play.

· Babies love to see your face, hear a gentle voice and kind face they love to babble and be part of the conversation.

· Messy play is great for relaxing and getting rid of worries, stay with your child as they paint, dig in the garden, sand play, this helps them discover and learn too!

· Snuggle up and Read books, tell stories together, help older children make a cosy reading corner. Lots of books look at everyday feelings and can help your child make sense of emotions

· Physical play – build a den or an obstacle course and join in with your child, let them be the leader and make up simple rules.

· Dolls, animals and small world toys, dress up materials, help children make sense of their world, join in their play and let them take the lead.

· Join in watching their favourite TV show and chat about it after.

· Build in lots of play breaks for older children doing school work at home and try to keep daily routines playful – this reduces stress for everyone!