“Being a parent is…having fun together”

“Being a parent is…having fun together” 

Parenting Limerick’s third phase of our Positive Parenting campaign hits the streets of Limerick on Monday, September 7th.  For the next two months, we will be promoting the importance of positive interactions between parents and children.

Spending time and communicating with your child is very important.  How you bond and interact with your child sets the blueprints for how they organise their feelings and behaviour throughout their lives. For babies, it’s all of the things that you already do – the laughing, kissing, pulling faces, using funny voices and the games of ‘peekaboo’ that are met with constant surprise and delight from your captive little audience.

For toddlers, it can be as simple as following their lead in terms of play whether that is pretending to be princesses or pirates, painting and colouring, kicking a ball or wherever their imagination takes them. It also means communicating to them about things that matter to them such as explaining to them that when you leave them at crèche or with a caregiver, you will be coming back for them.

As children get older, it’s about keeping that communication ongoing, involving them in decision-making and taking an interest in how their day has been. While this can become a little more difficult (and somewhat unpredictable) during the teenage years, it is very important.

As part of promoting positive interactions campaign, Parenting Limerick will be hosting a series of workshops to encourage parents to take some time to interact with their children.

Workshops will run throughout the 8 week campaign.

To find out about other workshops visit our Event page or our Facebook Page. We will be adding events over the course of the two year campaign.

If you would like to find out about the range of parenting and family supports available in Limerick, please click here.

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The Positive Parenting campaign features images of local parents interacting with their children through play as “being a parent is… having fun together”. With this campaign we hope to emphasise the importance of interaction for children’s development.

Look for us on buses, on posters in your local area, in the local media, on social media and here on www.loveparenting.ie. This is part of a population approach to promoting and supporting Positive Parenting in Limerick and is supported by Parenting Limerick and ABC Start Right Limerick. For more information on this campaign, please click here.

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