Outdoor Chalk Games

The Colour Game (2 – 5 years)

Give your children a challenge to find as many things as they can that are a similar colour to each of the pieces of chalk you have available. Colour in a square/ circle of each colour and ask children to place the things of each colour into the square of that colour. You could also use this for items of different shapes, by drawing the shapes with chalks children.

Drawing Story Elements (2 – 8 years)

This is a lovely activity to do as an extension to story time. After listening to a story or picture book go outside and on the path you can draw elements of the story, for example; characters, animals, setting.

Chalk Bullseye (2 – 8 years)

Using different coloured chalk the adult or older child can draw circles. In each of the circles using your maths skills write a point value. Using a bean bag or rolled up tight sock then and taking turns throw the bag. Using chalk the older child or adult can count up each score. The winning score wins!

Chalk Racing Games (2 – 5 Years)

Use chalk to draw the start and finish lines of a race. Then come up with different ways to get to the end: running, skipping, marching, galloping, try using a bike or scooter, skipping, and so on.

Obstacle Course (2- 8yrs)

Just like hopscotch, draw an obstacle course on your pathway/ driveway. Be creative and draw some shapes or patterns or instructions (for older children) to follow along or race with each other. Here are a few ideas!

· Leap like a frog to lily pads (draw lily pads)
· Pop the bubbles (draw bubbles)
· Walk backwards (draw a line)
· Follow the paw prints (draw paw prints)
· Crab walk (draw 2 straight lines)
· Hop along ( draw feet outline

Hopscotch (3- 8 years)

Children can either draw their own course or get a parent to help with this.Using your imagination you can draw the boxes to be jumped on in different colours and shapes.Using chalk to make markers you can then start hopping up and down the course. Once you have master this, you can try hopping on one foot, or double hopping to make it more fun.