Low Cost/No Cost Play Ideas

  • Build a fort
  • Form a band – pots & pans, wooden spoons, empty bottles with some rice in them
  • Storytelling – make up stories & share with each other. Maybe even act them out
  • Sing and dance – use the hairbrush or the TV remote as a microphone & sing & dance like nobody’s watching!
  • Make rice krispie buns
  • Don’t forget to have some fun outside – hopscotch, skipping, relay races, make your own obstacle course
  • Have a teddy bears picnic or tea party
  • Play dress up
  • The old pen & page favourites – X’s & O’s, Dots, Bus stop
  • Imaginary Play – doctors, schools, shopkeeper
  • Drawing & Colouring
  • Arts & Crafts – keep all those cereal boxes, toilet roll holders, water bottles etc.
  • Card games

Provided by Incredible Years Limerick