Week 1: The Start of My IVF Journey

Week 1 Update:

Here I am again sitting in the waiting room, but this is a very different waiting room from last time. It’s in a private infertility clinic; I can feel peoples pain, I can feel the stories. This room is full of tears, hope, rejection, joy, financial pressure, marriages on the brink of separation. This is the most powerful room I’ve ever sat in, this is the place you gather your thoughts before tests, scans; before you get told your dreams aren’t becoming reality. If you’ve been in one of these waiting rooms the experience will never leave you.

My life is just about to turn into a clock, watching calendar, doctors, tests, scans, when to take the next pill, when to take the next injection, when to insert the vaginal gel and this is the easy part. Then come the sweats, the discomfort, the swollen belly, the weight gain, the loss of appetite, the tears and the hormones. But it will be all worthwhile– that’s what they say, that’s what you say to keep things going. You’ve got to have faith, faith in your meds, in your doctors and in yourself and just hope it works out.

I should know. After nine failed IUIs, two cancelled cycles and IVF along the way, I finally got my baby. The last journey we did it alone… sssshhh don’t tell anyone I’m a failure and I can’t conceive. The pain is already enough. Well, I’m here to stand tall and bring awareness to IVF and to support each and every woman who is on their journey. Each person, each IVF, each journey is so different and sometimes we just need some encouragement.

This is a mantra that I use on an almost daily basis.

Some people feel like they’ve failed I prefer to say its just one step in your journey and it will lead to the next one
But please don’t give up
Don’t be so hard on yourself
Life can be cruel, but you will look
Back at this bump & smile

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