Is my Child a Cyberbully?

What can I do if I suspect my child is a cyberbully?

We have been highlighting the plight of the victim as well as how to prevent cyberbullying and how to respond to it. But who is the bully? You will want to be sure it’s not your child.

Every child and young person needs to understand

  • How much all forms of bullying, including cyberbullying, hurts and
  • How important it is not to stand by when someone is being bullied.

It is important, therefore, that children learn “netiquette” (informal code of conduct on the internet). You should explain the following guidelines to them and stress how important it is that they be followed when sending an email or other form of electronic communication;

  • Respect other people’s online rights
  • Avoid hurting someone’s feelings
  • Do not insult someone;
  • If someone insults you, be calm;
  • Avoid “crashing” discussion groups or forums;
  • Respect the privacy of other people online;
  • Be responsible online.

This article was taken from the ‘Get with it!’ Series “A guide to cyberbullying” 2013. Produced by The Office for Internet Safety, Department of Justice and Equality. You can get further information on general internet safety issues by visiting

To access the full booklet click here

This booklet is intended to increase awareness of all aspects of cyberbullying in the new media world and to help parents and their children understand the often confusing issues of new media technologies and tools which children and young people are using for this behaviour.