Helpful Hints for New Dads

Expecting a baby can be a stressful, confusing and emotional time for dads too. Sometimes it is hard to know where you fit in. What’s the right thing to do? Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get advice.

  1. Talk to each other about how you are both feeling.
  2. The baby will seriously disrupt your love life. Talk about this now
  3. You can hear the baby’s heartbeat when it’s big enough by placing your ear against the mother’s lower belly.
  4. Talk to your baby during the pregnancy. The baby will then recognize your voice when s/he is born.
  5. Learn good lifting technique. Your back is the first thing that will go. A squirming 10 pound baby is harder on your back than a 25 pound toddler who knows how to keep its balance.
  6. Stay close. Only 5% of woman have their babies on the due date so, if you are the one taking mother to hospital, in the last month stay close, don’t go to any away game.
  7. Make sure your mobile is working and stay off alcohol if you are driving her to hospital.
  8. You could help out with buying or contributing to the cost of some of the things your baby will need.

Produced by TREOIR, The National Information Service for Unmarried Parents, visit for more information.