Healthy Snack Ideas

Getting children to eat healthy snacks is hard, but don’t worry there’s many ways to encourage children to eat more healthy snacks. Here are Love Parenting’s top healthy snack ideas.

✮ Chunks of raw vegetables and fruit
✮ A small sandwich
✮ Yogurt or fromage frais
✮ Dried fruit
✮ Dry roasted nuts (not for children under the age of 5)
✮ Scone or bagel
✮ Plain popcorn
✮ Cheese cubes or fingers
✮ Bread/toast and jam or peanut butter
✮ Breakfast cereal and milk
✮ Crackers

So your child won’t drink milk?


✮ A bowl of breakfast cereal with milk
✮ Cheese on crackers
✮ Fruit salad with yogurt
✮ A mug of hot chocolate
✮ A slice of pizza or lasagna
✮ A fruit smoothie or milkshake
✮ Baked potato with grate cheese
✮ Custard or milk pudding
✮ A toasted cheese or cheesy pasta bake
✮ Cheese slices, triangles or strings
✮ Chunks of cheese in crispy salad
✮ Fish with white sauce
✮ Muesli with natural yogurt
✮ A cheese board with crackers and fruit

Taken from “Your Child’s Heart” magazine published by Irish heart Foundation ( ‘The Irish Heart Foundation is the national charity fighting heart disease and stroke. We support, educate and train people to save lives, campaign for patients, promote positive health programmes, fund research and provide vital information. We need your support through donations, as a volunteer or on our training courses’