Edible Paint

Making baby safe paint is super easy using two ingredients, yogurt and food colouring.   The colours always come out beautiful and vibrant.                                                                        

What you will need for edible paint. 

  • tub of plain or vanilla yogurt 
  • A spoon or two  
  • Food colouring  
  • Containers (muffin tin/ paint palette tray/Egg holder).   

How you make the paint:                            

  1. Ask your little helper to scoop out some yogurt into all the little containers you have set up.
  2. A few spoonfuls will do.
  3. Then squeeze a small few drops of food colouring into each container.   If you add a lot, the colours will be really vibrant but they will likely leave a temporary stain on everything so go light on the drops.
  4. Once you you’ve squeezed in a few drops of food colouring into each container you then mix it up with the spoon.  Children will love to do pretty much all the steps, but mixing is a favourite.
  5. Of course it’s very important to do a little paint tasting as you go. 

 Tip: Vanilla yogurt is super yummy.  If the kids discover that the yogurt is vanilla they will likely eat it, by the paintbrush full.  If you don’t want to encourage eating the paint, stick with plain yogurt.