What makes you happy?

Sometimes when I ask someone this question I get “I don’t know” as the answer.  Our busy lives have helped us forget a very simple thing – what makes us happy.

Think back to a day that you spent doing stuff you loved to do and remember that feeling you had at the end of the day.  How can we begin to make time to do more of this so that we can have more of that lovely feeling?   It can be tempting to use every spare moment to catch up on something else that needs to be done, and we can get so used to being busy that we forget to stop and enjoy ourselves.

We’re not designed to work all the time.  We need to stop.  Recharging our batteries doesn’t have to cost money.

If I don’t schedule and plan fun things to do, they don’t get done because I get easily distracted by something else and forget.

It seems a little crazy but in this busy world we need to schedule time to have fun.

Getting the kids involved in planning some fun activity strengthens the family bond and helps to instil a sense of responsibility in them too.

Here’s a suggestion.  Take a little time each week to sit down together and plan something for the weekend or some evening during the week.  Pick a time when everyone is free and then start throwing ideas around.  Listen to the kids because they know how to have fun.  A trip to the park to play and run around with maybe a small picnic to make it extra special.  Allow yourself to relax and forget about everything for the time you are there.

You will be surprised at how great you will feel afterwards and when we feel good we get more clarity to deal with all the other things going on in our lives.  The kids will be happier too.

On the way home start planning the next thing you will do together to keep the momentum going.

Ber Collins is the author of “Every Mum has Magic Kisses” a book filled with practical tips from her own journey to becoming the mum she wanted to be to her kids.  She is an Energist, Modern Stress Management Trainer and Facilitator who works with individuals and groups of people who feel stressed and overwhelmed teaching them tools and techniques to help bring more peace and harmony into their lives. www.bercollins.ie To get more tips on improving communication with your kids click here www.bercollins.ie/communicationwithkids