Week 7: The Next Step on My IVF Journey

Our decision to go ahead with the frozen transfer hasn’t been an easy one. Don’t get me wrong– we were always going to use our embryo but we didn’t think it would be so soon. Also, the decision to go ahead with the frozen transfer isn’t as easy as popping into the clinic for an hour procedure.

First, you need to prepare your mind. Second you need to prepare your body with vitamins, folic acid and then some IVF drugs of course. Finally the embryo has to thaw out.  This is the first big step–it has to look very similar to a fresh embryo or there’ll be no transfer at all.

That’s why it’s a big decision to go ahead with this transfer– you have to be realistic and prepare yourself in case the embryo doesn’t thaw out.

This is our back up plan…no more options only to start at the beginning again. This means starting egg stimulation again, lots of drugs and another €7,000. At the moment this isn’t an option for us.

After the “fantastic” news that I possibly have killer cells (cells that can ‘reject’ a foetus) preventing a successful pregnancy, I decided to take a 4 week break from IVF drugs and clinics to concentrate on my mind and my body.  So off I trotted to an acupuncturist who she gave me Chinese herbs and loads of TLC. She explained to me that IVF drugs have a big impact on kidneys so we need to get my body right before round 2 of IVF, well technically round 12. For the last 4 weeks I’ve been building up my immune system—hoping that a healthy body and healthy mind equals a healthy baby.

I will be taking a blood test to see if I have natural killer cells. This will happen early in September. If I do have the natural killers, the Clinic will put me on even more drugs, maybe a few steroids, possibly infusions (who knows!)in order to stabilise the natural killer cells and help sustain pregnancy.  I’d do anything to help pursue my dream of having another baby. Like everything with IVF,  it’s a step by step process and at any time my journey can throw a few obstacles in my way but all I can do is prepare myself to be strong enough that these obstacles don’t knock me down, just defer my route a little longer. Until next week…

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