Top Toilet Training Tips

It can take children time to learn their body’s signals for when they need a wee and/or poo. Potty training can take weeks or months for some children, with many accidents along the way. Choose a time to begin toilet training that is right for you and for your child.

Your child may be ready for toilet training if:

  • They are able to follow instructions.
  • They can stay dry for 1 or 2 hours.
  • They start to notice when they have done a wee and/or poo.
Toileting Milestone Typical Age
Toilet Trained (wees) 2 years – 5 years
Toilet Trained (poos) 2 – 4 years
Night-Time Trained 6 months after successful day time training

Toilet Training Tips for when your child is ready

  1. Encourage your child to drink plenty of water. Water helps to soften poo and makes it easier to pass.
  1. Use loose, easy clothing, such as elasticated trousers and underwear.
  1. Allow your child to choose a potty and/or a toileting step. When your child has a bowel movement in their nappy, allow them to watch you put it into the potty/toilet so that they can see where it should go. You can explain to them that this is where wee and poo belong (See for useful resources).
  1. Consistency is vital. You can use a timed approach or look out for signals and then place your child on the toilet/potty. Regularly ask your child if they need to use the toilet/potty.
  1. Keep the toileting routine short and fun. Have fun things to play with on the toilet (e.g. a favourite book).
  1. Give lots of praise and encouragement – especially just for your child’s efforts.
  1. Remember to be patient, positive and upbeat. Accidents will happen, so clean them up and reassure your child. Never punish your child for accidents.