Top Tips on Talking to Your Child’s Teacher

It may be a scheduled parent-teacher meeting, a chat at collection time or a request from the teacher to discuss “some issues”. Whatever the reason, meeting with your child’s teacher(s) can sometimes be a bit daunting. Here are some tips to help you prepare.

1. Talk to your Child. Ask them how they feel about school, what they like and what they don’t like. Be positiveabout the meeting and let them know it is all about helping them
2. Get some support if you need it. Some parents may have had negative experiences of school themselves; it canhelp to ask a trusted friend, neighbour or professional to talk through the process or even accompany you if you are very nervous
3. Write down the key questions or issues so that you make sure that you cover everything
4. Be Positive. There may be a temptation for the teacher or you to start to address any issues or problems first. Try to redirect the conversation so that you start on positive points. Share information about what your child enjoys about school (“She really loves… art class, making up stories, maths group, etc.) and ask the teacher to do the same
5. If you do need to address specific issues or challenges, try to stay calm, listen to what is being said and make sure that your points are heard
6. End on a positive. Even if you had a challengingmeeting, try to end the meeting by identifying positive things about your child’s experiences of school  andagree specific ways that you and your teacher can work together to support your child.