Top Tips for Getting Outside for Some Winter Fun

It’s cold, windy and often rainy, but there are still lots of fun ways to get out, get active and have fun as a family!

  1. Make sure everyone has warm, waterproof gear to hand, so when the mood strikes you, you can head out without too much hassle
  2. Keep it simple—a bike ride, a visit to a playground (which are often much quieter at this time of year so children can run around more freely), walks around town  to find landmarks such as the Treaty Stone, the Richard Harris statue, the Walls of Limerick, etc, can be lots of fun and don’t require much planning.
  3. Think Spring! Start to look for the emerging snowdrops, crocuses, frog spawn, returning birds, etc—pick a favourite spot and check back on a regular basis for signs of new life. Bring a camera or drawing book along and create a nature journal
  4. Have something warm and tasty ready for when you return home—a warm bowl of soup or a cup of hot chocolate will warm up both body and soul after your wintery adventures.