Top Tips for Talking to Your Child about School

Most parents are eager to find out how their child is finding school in the new year. We want to know about their teacher, their friends, what subjects they like and dislike. All the questions can often be met with answers such as “fine” or “nothing”. Here are some tips to try to open up the conversation.

  1. Pick your moment. Your child may be feeling tired right after school. Wait until they have had some time to relax before you ask them lots of questions
  2. Chat over Dinner. Sit down together; chat about general things and then ask them about their day. You could play a game such as everyone say the best and worst thing that happened today so that the whole family shares something
  3. Talk about your own day. Telling them what you did—a lovely walk you took, something nice you had for lunch or an interesting meeting you had at work will prompt them to talk about similar things that happened during their day
  4. Retreat when necessary. Sometimes your child may just not want to talk; it’s better to let it go and try again later. Talk about something else or just enjoy some quiet time together.