Supporting Your Toddler to Self Dress

From 18 months onwards, you may notice that your toddler becomes a little nudist. While she may love stripping her clothes off right now, the ability to actually dress herself only begins from 2 ½ to 3. There are a few things to bear in mind with this milestone:

  • Let her do it: A back-to-front jumper might not rock the fashion world but it’s an incredible confidence and skill-building exercise for your child
  • It improves her motor skills: Lifting arms and legs exercise her gross motor skills, while zips, buttons and buckles develop the fine ones
  • It also develops cognitive skills: Figuring out the sequence of what goes on first and what may be too warm to wear on a sunny day are massive leaps in her understanding
  • It encourages independence: You may be in a rush and she may be taking forever to get dressed so try to factor this into your morning routine. It’s making your child feel more independent, which gives her a secure base to keep trying new things
  • Extend the learning: Let your child choose her own clothes, where you can. A tutu and wellies might make you cringe but as long as your little one thinks that she is rocking it, it works!