Staying Safe on Halloween

  • Young children need to be accompanied by an adult
  • Children should only call on families they know and trust in their street or area
  • Parents should always go through the 3 “Ws” before older children go out with their friends: Who are they going with? Where are they going? When will they be back? They should always stay with their group
  • Children should know they never accept an invitation into a house unless they clearly have their parent’s permission
  • Make sure children are wearing light or reflective clothing so that they are visible. Bring a torch to help you see and be seen
  • Remind them to be extra careful of cars and crossing the road
  • Make sure they have fun but are respectful of others including animals. Some people may find the night and all the noise frightening or just may not be up for visitors.

As featured in the Limerick Chronicle 18th October 2016