Little Steps to Big School

Your child is ready for school when he/she can

  • Open and close their coat and hang it up by themselves
  • Open and close Velcro straps on their shoes
  • Open lunch box, drink and yoghurt
  • Tidy up and return toys to their place
  • Use the toilet themselves (trousers without buttons help)
  • Simple self – care skills- wash their hands, clean their nose and flush the toilet etc.
  • Understand and follow simple instructions
  • Be at ease with other children
  • Share and take turns
  • Listen attentively for short spells
  • Know when and how to ask for help

 Tips for packing lunch

  • Drinks – water, milk or 100% juice
  • Sandwiches with a healthy filling
  • Yoghurts
  • Cheese pieces
  • Chopped or easy to peel fruit

How to prepare your child for school

  1. Encourage their self confidence
  • By playing with your child
  • Chatting with your child
  1. Encourage learning
  • Read stories and nursery rhymes
  • Have fun with arts & crafts activities together
  1. Preparation
  • Have an easy to open school bag with no straps or clips/buckles
  • Write your child’s name on their school bag, book, coat, uniform and lunchbox
  • Establish a routine before school- bag packed and teeth brushed
  • Arrive and collect your child on time
  • Visit the school before it starts and talk positively about teachers and school
Provided by ABC Start Right