Top Tips for Safety this Christmas

  1. Christmas lights – are so pretty to look at but always plug out the lights before going to bed or leaving the house.
  2. Sharp or breakable decorations – keep them high on the tree away from little hands and curious minds!
  3. Blow out those candles – Candles can create a lovely warm and festive atmosphere but of course are a fire hazard. Make sure candles are in holders and away from other decorations that could burn easily. Check that they are out each night when you are plugging out the lights.
  4. Keep those Poinsettas up high! – Christmas plants and flowers are beautiful to look at and are a lovely addition to any home at Christmastime. Poinsettas, Mistletoe and Holly are poisonous so beware of little ones and pets!
  5. Look for the safety mark – whether its fairy lights or toys you are buying, check for the safety mark.
  6. Take care on the roads – Frost and snow make for a picturesque Christmas but make driving conditions hazardous. Roads are also busier at this time of year as people travel home for the holidays. Be alert and take care on those roads.