Top Tips for Helping your Teen Stay Healthy

  1. Provide Lots of Healthy Food and Snacks. Many teenagers have voracious appetites-it may feel like a full time job keeping them fed. If you have lots of filling, healthy snacks on hand (think fruit, cut up vegetables, hummus and pita, wholegrain bagels and peanut butter, wholegrain pasta with tomato sauce), they will be more likely to reach for these than fill up on junk
  2. Get Active Together. If your teens see you leading a healthy, active lifestyle, they will be more likely to follow suit. Ask your teen to join you on an evening walk—they might surprise you and actually come, and this can be a great way to connect
  3. Communicate and Share Information. Many parents find it challenging to discuss some issues, such as sex and drug and alcohol misuse, with their teens. The reality is that teens who can communicate openly and honestly with their parents about these issues tend to make better, healthier choices. So, get in the habit of talking about these issues openly and honestly.
  4. Help Them Build Resilience. Teenagers are under a lot of pressure from school, friends, social media, etc., and many teenagers are struggling with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Developing positive coping strategies can help teenagers manage these pressures and improve their overall well-being. Explore things like exercise, diet, meditation, yoga, breathing, mindfulness, etc. with your child and help them find a strategy that works for them.