Top Tips for Developing Maths Skills

  • Spending time together is fun, great for learning and helps build the parent/child bond.
  • Involve young children in everyday household chores.
  • Make counting out loud a fun part or everyday activities.
  • Use simple measurement words in everyday routines.
  • Play matching and sorting games that involve shape, colour and size.
  • Describe the size, length, height and weight of objects as you work and play together.
  • Help young children understand time by using concepts such as later, soon, before, after.
  • Talk about quantities when you add or remove items, one gone, four left!
  • Have a ready supply of empty boxes and containers for stacking, filling, emptying, lifting.
  • Gradually introduce standard forms of measurement such as cups, spoons, rulers, scales, measuring jugs.
  • Make everyday activities fun for all!

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