Getting Ready for Baby-Especially for Dads

While women take the main stage in actually having the baby, the role of fathers-to- be is essential. Below are some tips to consider before the big day.

  1. Listen. Before labour commences, have a conversation with your partner about what kind of support she wants. Some women may want lots back-stroking; others want a more hands off approach. Remember, a woman reserves the right to change her mind!
  2. Acknowledge and Express Your Own Feelings. Having a new baby is a life-changing event for both mothers and fathers, and you will have some big (sometimes scary!) feelings. Talk to your partner, a family member or friend about what you are feeling.
  3. Take Care of the Practical Bits. This could be anything from emergency food runs to manning the text messages after baby is born.
  4. Stay Calm. Step outside for a quick walk, practice some pregnancy breathing or ring a friend if you are starting to feel overwhelmed. Your partner will need you to be calm before and during labour.
  5. Enjoy and Cuddle Your New Baby! Enjoy those amazing first moments and make sure you get lots of skin-to-skin cuddles—it will be the start of one of the most amazing relationships of your life.