Cutting Down on Sugary Treats

It can sometimes seems like sugar is everywhere and cutting down on treats is a losing battle. Here are some simple tips to limit the sugar in your child’s diet and encourage a healthy, balanced diet.

  1. Cut down on treat foods, but don’t ban them. Banning them makes them more appealing
  2. Don’t have a supply of treats at home. If they’re not in the house, they can’t be eaten
  3. Teach your child that they need healthy food if they want to have the strength to run around, play sport and do well in school
  4. Allow full access to healthy snacks such as fruit, chopped vegetables, yoghurt, peanut butter with whole wheat crackers, etc.
  5. When you have sugary foods, eat them with a meal. It’s better for their teeth and means they won’t fill up on treats between meals
  6. Find non-food treats to reward them and keep them motivated- a game of football, a trip to the playground or even some stickers.
  7. Keep portions small-choose mini or snack versions whenever possible.
  8. Give them water or milk as their normal drink and limit the sugary drinks.