Top 10 tips for new dads…..because babies don’t come with a manual

  • Patience, unlimited patience.
  • The more time you spend with your baby the more capable you’ll feel as a parent.
  • The earlier you and your baby start getting to know one another the closer and better your relationship will be. For instance, when your baby is very small, bath-time can be very special.
  • Try not to hand your baby over to your partner when he is crying. Have her guide you on what to do instead of doing it for you. Don’t be afraid to make a few decisions- and a few mistakes- on your own.
  • Carry your baby around and listen to music together. Talk to him. Read to your baby. This gets him used to hearing your voice, which will make him feel comfortable and secure with you.
  • You don’t have to entertain your child every waking moment. Like adults, young children need down-time
  • Things are going to go wrong no matter how hard you try, and you have two choices: get stressed and uptight, or roll with it and laugh.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice.