Play with your child for 15 minutes each day and give them your undivided attention. You will make their day!

Why is play important? 

Play is at the very centre of your child’s world. It is so important to them. It’s how they learn, communicate, practice and perfect new life skills. 

When parents play with their children, there are huge benefits for everyone. Children absolutely love it when we get down on that floor, and parents enjoy seeing them happy.  We become friends.

So try it! For 15 minutes, give your child your undivided attention. No phones, tablets, phone calls, TV or magazines, work, household chores, or anything else. 

Now let your child be in charge. Follow their lead and see where they take you. Let them set the pace. Enjoy being together and have fun. 

If your daily routine allows it, you could have two or three 15 minute slots in the day. Your child will really look forward to this time with you.