Parenting & Homeopathy

I have been a parent for thirty four years and a grandparent for seven years.

I am also a qualified Registered Homeopath since 2008. I have written this article from my own personal life experience as a parent and as a professional homeopath.  I have seen how homeopathy can support both parents and children with health conditions (acute and chronic), parenting difficulties and challenging behaviour in children.

To be a parent means to be loving, caring, patient, gentle, forgiving, understanding, and compassionate. Have a sense of humour and lots more…

Children are a blessing. New parents are full of joy and pride when they bring their little bundles home.  New Life, new challenges and huge responsibility.

Babies as young as six weeks begin to be attracted to human faces and voices, they recognise their parents and family members. They instinctively know who they like and don’t like.  As they grow, they understand different behaviour patterns; laughter, fun, cross or raised voices, facial expressions, verbal and body language and react accordingly. They may not like being handled by strangers and may show signs of distress, crying when their parents leave them and show joy when they return. They develop attachment very early, some may show signs of fear when they are spoken to or touched. Some of these reactions are extreme and are distressing for both parents and child.

As children grow they learn social skills and boundaries; what is and is not acceptable behaviour; to respect others and their viewpoints. Sometimes they become frustrated, venting anger with temper tantrums. These are all situations which parents have to handle carefully and are part and parcel of growing up and can be very challenging.  When children become un-well parents need to make the right choices for them, healthy diets, lots of fresh air and medical care.

Homeopathy is one approach which offers a safe and gentle approach to health, is very useful in these situations and is also of benefit in adolescence with its mood swings, difficult periods, acne in boys, bullying problems, self-confidence issues, examination stress, relationship problems etc..

Children and young adults need to learn from all situations, good and bad, they need support from their parents and peers in dealing with life’s ups and downs. These are the building blocks needed in life to help prepare them for the world outside.

Communication is the key to developing a strong bond with children.

They must feel safe, secure and loved.

 What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of Medicine founded by a German Dr. Samuel Hahnemann over 200 years ago. The word Homeopathy means similar suffering. The system of treatment is based on the law of similars; this means that if a substance can cause a set of symptoms it can stimulate the immune system to respond to the same symptoms in someone who is ill. Homeopathic medicines are very highly diluted, using a minimum dose (i.e. the smallest quantity that will cause an effect).

Homeopathy treats the individual as a whole, on a physical, mental and emotional level. This system of medicine is suitable for everyone from pregnancy, early childhood, teenagers, through to adults and the elderly and is suitable for sensitive people also.

Homeopathic remedies are regulated and approved by the Irish Medicine Board, and can be used in conjunction with conventional medicine.

Remedies are made from natural substances and facilitate a gentle return to health. They are derived from the plant, mineral, and animal kingdoms.

The remedies are in the form of sucrose pills or in liquid form.  They dissolve in the mouth and are flavourless, non-addictive and chemical free.  Caution must be taken when self-prescribing, monitoring of symptoms is very important and should be done by a qualified homeopath.

 Below are some examples of common ailments which children may experience.

As each child is an individual a qualified homeopath will take a full case history and prescribe a remedy specifically for this child which will help to alleviate their symptoms.

Here are some examples of remedies that may be useful in colic or teething in babies. Remember that if symptoms persist you should seek professional help from your medical doctor or your local registered homeopath.


Remedy name: COLOCYNTHIS

Belly bloated. Pains cutting, griping, tearing, violent, in waves. Sometimes with diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting. BETTER FOR BENDING DOUBLE, for pressure, for passing a stool. Worse for drinking, before a stool. Babies commonly pull their legs up to their bellies and scream if moved.

Remedy name: CHAMOMILLA

Repeated episodes of excessive crying, often accompanied either by the drawing up of legs or stiffening of back.  Irritability – baby screams angrily in pain. Will be soothed momentarily by walking/rocking but not for long. Cheeks often flushed. Sometimes bubbles of saliva around mouth. Nappies may be green.

Remedy name: DIOSCOREA

Belly rumbling, windy. Pains cramping, griping, around the navel, twisting. BETTER FOR BENDING BACKWARDS, for stretching out. Worse for bending forward, during the morning. Babies arch back and scream. They have rumbly, windy tummies and do not want to lie down and are better from being held upright.


 Remedy name:      CHAMOMILLA

This is the remedy that is in TEETHA. Painful. Cheeks hot and red; pale and cold; red spot on one cheek. Pains unbearable, cries out in sleep. Restless sleep – often accompanied with diarrhoea – green stools. Worse for heat of bed, warm food/drinks, for pressure. A baby may have at the same time one hot, red cheek, or a red patch on one cheek and one pale and cold cheek. A baby in need of Chamomilla will be irritable – nothing will please them, there is no comforting them.

Remedy name: PULSATILLA

Painful. Better for cold water, a walk in fresh air. Worse for the heat of bed, warm food/drinks. A baby in need of Pulsatilla will be clingy and whiny and in need of mammy – they want to be cuddled and held – ALL THE TIME! There are many more remedies which are useful in all kinds of different situations and for all age groups. Consult your local homeopath to discuss symptoms and to see if they can help.

The human body has the ability to heal and repair itself; it is constantly trying to keep balance and equilibrium but shows outward symptoms of inward dis-ease to alert us to potential health problems.

There are many factors which contribute to dis-ease, from inherited tendencies, emotional and physical stress, toxicity we pick up on a daily basis from foods and the environment, chemicals, medications, etc.. These can result in a loss of energy or vitality.  The body struggles to heal itself under these stresses. This is where Homeopathy comes in, supporting the body’s efforts to remain in balance. Remedies are used to stimulate the body’s immune system towards healing.

Complementary medicines are a wonderful opportunity for people to build up their immune systems. An integrated approach to health is generally best.

If you would like any further information or if you have ailments that you would like to see covered in upcoming articles please contact me:

Rosemary Croke Registered Homeopath Lic.ISH., ISHom  087 9739585