Nurturing Your Child’s Health Starts with Your Own

We all know the feeling—you’re multi-tasking furiously between dinner, homework, activities, bed-time…Then, finally, quiet descends in the household, and you have a moment to yourself …And, then you fall asleep.

As parents, we can be pulled in hundreds of directions on a daily basis as we try to meet the needs of those around us.  Most of us have become accustomed to battling through after sleepless nights, eating on the run and scheduling our social activities once everyone else’s calendar is set.

There is evidence that shows that best way we can ensure that our children are happy and healthy is to mind our own health and happiness. This doesn’t mean exotic holidays, expensive spa treatments or a lot of time away from your children. It does mean finding some time to devote to yourself—the time to nourish your body with healthy food, the time for an activity that makes you smile, the time to meet with friends…

Below are some ideas…Just making one small change can make a difference.

  1. Connect Whether it’s a quiet cup of tea with a neighbour or a long walk with your partner, take the time to connect with those around you. These connections are essential to health and happiness.
  2. Be Active Getting plenty of exercise, whether it is a gentle walk, a swim or a hard-core gym workout, really does provide a lift to your mood as well as making your body stronger and healthier. Plus, it gives you more energy for all of that juggling!
  3. Take Notice Sometimes, the days can rush by in a blur of just getting things done. Take some time to be still, take a deep breath and notice the sounds, smells and sights around you.
  4. Keep Learning We never lose sense of satisfaction that learning a new skill brings. So, sign up for that cookery course, learn a new language or even pick up the hurley and practice along with the children.
  5. Give This can be as simple as bringing a colleague a cup of tea when they are in the midst of a deadline or getting involved in a community clean-up project.