Remembering to be in the present moment noticing the weather, sound of the birds, nature, flowers, sunrise/sunset, or being fully engaged in an activity with your children/adolescents is evidenced to be really helpful for our physical and mental health.

Daily short and simple meditations are very helpful to bring your mind into the present and provide a welcome break from anxiety and worrying about things that are out of our control.

Mindfulness and Yoga videos and apps for Children and Adolescents:  http://www.socialworkerstoolbox.com/mindfulness-relaxation-yoga- videos-kids/

actcompanion the Happiness Trap App with Dr Russ Harris:  http://www.actcompanion.com/  https://www.headspace.com/meditation/kids

For Adolescents: https://www.calm.com/

National Educational Psychological Service Audio Relaxation Techniques:      https://soundcloud.com/user-719669409/relaxation-  techniques-30-03-2020

Mindfulness for Parents: https://www.mind.org.uk/information-  support/drugs-and-treatments/mindfulness/mindfulness-exercises-  tips/

Meditation For Parents: https://www.calm.com/


Get 8 hours sleep per night as sleep helps boost our immune system. Avoid being on your phone getting social media or news updates or watching TV just before bed. Allow your mind and body some time to unwind to enable better quality sleep. Avoid caffeine 6 hours before bed and avoid alcohol as it disrupts sleep. If you are having difficulty switching your mind off read a book with dimmed lighting, listen to a meditation app on your phone, listen to calming music or nature sounds, practice deep mindful breathing.

Provided by Primary Care Child & Family Psychology Services St. Camillus’ Hospital Limerick.