Managing Treat Foods

One major contributor to the problem of children being overweight or obese is the over-consumption of foods high in fat, salt and sugar, such as treat foods. Managing children’s treats can be hard for any parent to do. Here are our top tips for managing treat foods.

Top Tips

  1. Cut down on treat foods, but don’t ban them. Banning them makes them more appealing.
  2. Shopping is a danger time – just buy treats sometimes and don’t have a supply at home. If they’re not in the house, they can’t be eaten.
  3. Keep the sweets cupboard or cookie jar out of sight – and out of mind.
  4. Tell family and friends you’re making changes so they know about the new routine.
  5. When you have sugary foods, eat them with a meal. It’s better for their teeth and means they won’t fill up on treats between meals
  6. Say the kitchen is closed when mealtimes are over, but allow them access to healthy snacks such as fruit, chopped vegetables and water and then send them off to play.
  7. In the long run, it’s kinder to say no – don’t be afraid to say it!
  8. Praise them and offer non-food treats, like a game of football, a trip to the playground or disco-dancing at home.
  9. Limit the amount of treats by:
    • Getting into the habit of having them every second day or less
    • Keeping portions small – choose mini or snack versions
    • Offering healthy alternatives, such as water instead of sugary drinks or juice and fruit instead of sweets or chocolate.

– Keep treats exactly that – treats! Not every day and not always food!

Did you know?

  • 1 Packet (25g) Crisps has 133 calories
  • 1 iced Doughnut 323 calories
  • 2 Wholegrain Biscuits 140 Calories
  • 1 Large Chocolate Muffin 420 Calories
  • 1 slice of Apple Tart 288 Calories
  • Average (50g) Chocolate Bar 260 calories

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