Valentine Heart

Get Creative this Valentine’s Day with our Valentine Hand Heart idea, here’s what you need to make a extra special Valentine’s Card. Remember DON’T GET STRESSY – JUST GET MESSY!! 

What You Need

  • Plain paper
  • Contrasting colour of paint
  • A paint brush
  • Shallow dish (paper plates work well)
  • Your child’s hands
  • A cloth or sink to clean off hands

To Make

  1. Place a thin layer of paint in the dish.
  2. Dip both of your child’s hands in the paint
  3. Place one hand and then the next on the piece of paper, overlapping to make a heart.
  4. Write your child’s name and the date and print out or write the poem to include with the heart


This isn’t just a valentine
As you can plainly see

It is of course my handprint
Which is a part of me

It’s bigger than the last one
Smaller than the next will be

Given to you with lots of love
From sweet and precious me
-Origin Unknown