Top Tips to see you through Labour

While the pain of labour is unavoidable (that medical milestone has yet to be reached!) there are a few things that you can do to sustain yourself mentally and physically:

  • Rest: In the weeks leading up to your due date, rest whenever you can. You need to bank those energy reserves
  • Stay positive: Every labour is different so while there are plenty of stories, yours is yet to happen so focus on the very positive (and cute) outcome
  • Have small snacks to hand: You know the mantra ‘little and often’? That can pay dividends for sustaining energy and combating nausea during labour
  • Reframe how you think about contractions: Painful, yes but each one brings you that bit closer to holding your baby
  • Stay upright: Try to stay this way for as long as you can as it gives the baby more room, which means less pain for you
  • Listen to your body: Every woman has preconceived ideas about her labour will go but if circumstances dictate otherwise, trust your own body. Only you know your pain threshold.
  • Keep your partner informed: During labour, your partner can be your best advocate so make sure  he knows your wishes and concerns
  • Believe in yourself: Labour is equal parts overwhelming and empowering but you can do this!