Top Tips for Recycling Easter Goodies

Like selection box and gift-wrapping overload at Christmas, Easter can generate a lot of unnecessary waste. Now the hunts are over and the Easter Bunny has gone on his way, there are a few clever ways to deal with waste and leftovers. Some ‘make and do’ time is always time well spent with your child:

  • Chocolate eggs don’t have to be eaten in their entirety. Enjoy some quality time in the kitchen with your children – melt down eggs to make chocolate buns or cakes. If the weather works out, enjoy those treats as part of an outdoor picnic.
  • Re-purpose egg boxes before they hit the recycling bin. That cardboard box could make a great spaceship or bed for a tired Barbie!
  • Easter hamper baskets could be used for some Spring planting. Recycle the straw, replace it with soil and seeds and watch your indoor herb garden grow.
  • Bunting has become really popular and is easy to recycle. Paper or material triangles can be laid over bunny and chick motifs, complete with your child’s drawings. Happy Easter can become Happy Spring.
  • Easter bonnets that were done as school projects can be returned to their original straw state and with the addition of some colourful ribbon, you have a new sun hat.