Top tips for parental self care

While parenting is the most rewarding the job, inevitably there are times when you feel over-worked and under-valued. Some  things to bear in mind to keep those times to a minimum:

  • Cut yourself some slack: Remember, the ‘perfect parent’ doesn’t exist. Be a good enough parent for your child – that’s all they need.
  • Don’t hold it all in: Let your partner, family or friends know when you need some help. Whether its support, advice or babysitting, ask. The fastest way to get over-whelmed is to fall into the ‘I must do it all’ mind set.
  • Try not to compare: This applies to yourself or your children. Yes, your colleague might have glossy hair and children who are in bed every night by 8pm but she might be exhausted and her children may refuse to eat anything that resembles a vegetable. We all have our battles.
  • Double up where you can: A walk by yourself gives you some head space and some cardio, elevating your mood and heart rate at the same time. That’s some TLC for your mental and physical health.
  • Be a great role model: Your children will only learn the value of taking personal time and space when it’s something you attach a value to. Lead the way! Crafts