Top Tips For Encouraging Children To Brush Their Teeth!

Do you suffer daily battles trying to get your children to brush their teeth? If so, these tips might help!

Allow children some choice: Giving children choices lets them feel like they are in control and they are more likely to comply. In this situation children could simply choose their own toothbrush!

Give clear instructions: Make sure children know exactly what they need to do and how to do it. Brushing teeth can mean one thing to a parent and a completely different thing to a child. They need to be told each of the different steps involved in order to complete the task effectively. Parents should also take the time to explain to children why it is important to brush their teeth.

Model how to do it: brush your own teeth with them. They will enjoy spending this time with you but it also gives you the opportunity to show them each of the steps involved.

Make it fun: children are much more likely to complete a task if its fun. Turn it into a game or have a song that plays while they are brushing their teeth.

Praise! Praise! Praise! Notice the beautiful clean teeth once your child is finished! Use lots of praise, smiles and hugs.