Top Tips for Avoiding Christmas Saturation

All spook-related decorations came down the morning after Halloween, only to be replaced by tinsel, singing Santas and selection boxes. Nearly 3 weeks into November and with 5 weeks to go, we run the risk of being exhausted by Christmas before it ever arrives so here are a few pointers for keeping the festive season in perspective:

  • Set a date for the start of Christmas talk: December 1st seems like a reasonable point. Before that, all Christmas preparations are discouraged – no buying, decorating, partying or over-indulging before that date. Once the chocolate advent calendar is opened, Christmas talk can begin.
  • The letter to Santa heralds the beginning of the festive season (where your children will be officially writing what you cunningly gleaned weeks/months beforehand).
  • Help your child to understand the concept of giving and receiving. Younger children can round up old toys and books for charity, and older teenagers could be encouraged to volunteer with local food drives and collections.
  • Lead by example: If all your thoughts turn to plans and to-do lists, your child will follow your lead. Teach them about perspective by exercising it yourself.