Post Christmas Family Fun

The presents have been opened, the turkey has been eaten, and  there is now a long, post-Christmas stretch of the school holidays with lots of time to fill. This provides a great opportunity to get all of the family involved in planning fun ways you can spend time together without breaking the bank.

The best way to build strong, positive relationships with our children is to simply spend time with them. Spending at least fifteen minutes a day with each child listening to them, playing together or just being together can be the most important fifteen minutes of your day.

It can be difficult, however, to find things to do that appeal to everyone in the family and that are within budget.  One way to make sure you have ideas on hand to please all members of the family is to get everyone to write down on activity that they really enjoy–you can choose to do one person’s activity every week or whenever you are feeling restless and need some good ideas. Here are some ideas to get you started!

  1. Fun that’s Free

A forest walk, a trip to the library, a trip to the Shannon to feed the ducks—there are lots of fun things to do around Limerick that are free and lots of fun.

  1. Fun Outside

As above, lots of things that you can do outside are also free. But, if you can get around the area, why not play Playground Bingo and see how many playgrounds from Adare to Askeaton, from Murroe to Mungret you can visit. Buy a small guide to Irish birds or trees and go on an expedition to find them.

  1. Fun Inside

Sometimes, it can be lovely just to stay put and have a cosy day at home. Find a special recipe and make it together, get the paper, paints, crayons, glue and glitter out and make some cards or decorations, set out household objects like books, toys and pillows to build an obstacle course in the hall to get everyone running around and laughing.

  1. Fun that Costs

Pop in and explore King John’s Castle, go on a quest to find the best hot chocolate in Limerick, have a special day out at the cinema or at a local theatre or head to the local garden centre to buy some bulbs and plant a little garden together.