Holiday Temper tantrums

Over the holiday period cabin fever is inevitable. For our smallies, changes in routine, later bedtimes and a massive influx in sugar can led some massive temper tantrums.

  • Keep how you react in a certain situation the same once you have found a positive system that works
  • We all learn by repetition. You will have to repeat what you do many times before your child begins to understand this is how you react and how we should react generally
  • Prevention is better than cure: Know your toddler. While it is important for each child to face challenges, know your child’s limits, look for and be aware of triggers
  • Create diversions. Distraction is a parent’s most used tool!
  • Choose your battles – Ignore minor issues
  • Say No and mean it. Don’t reward the tantrum because you don’t like seeing your child upset
  • Don’t worry about embarrassment – Know that any parent that sees you with a toddler having a tantrum will empathise because we have all been there!

Finally, parents need to remember that we are not infallible. We will make mistakes, but we will learn from them too. And once we can display a positive reaction to any situation, our children will learn this skill too.