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“because being a parent is the most important job in the world”

Welcome to loveparenting.ie!  The purpose of love parenting is to provide parents with high quality information on some of the elements of how positive parenting can support their child’s development at each stage and how they can access further support your if you are finding some elements of parenting (or perhaps all of it) a little challenging.

Parenting Limerick is a network of organisations that provide parenting and family support in Limerick City. We are working together to provide parents with the information and support that they need so that they can be the best parents they can. There is already a lot of information out there on parenting and child development, and much of it can be confusing and contradictory!

On our website you will find information on each stage of a child’s development which will help to encourage better developmental outcomes for children and young people at local and community level. You can also search supports to find relevant children’s and parenting services.

The site has information and links to other useful websites about children’s health and well-being, parenting and Family Support services.

Research shows that good quality early years experiences have a lasting impact on children’s learning, health and development. The quality of parenting that a child receives has a major impact on their development. A warm, positive relationship with parents makes children feel safe and secure and this helps them to grow in a way that is healthy and happy. To be able to provide this security for children, parents need to feel confident in their role.

Every child needs support to be all that they can be and the most important people who provide that support and the biggest influence on their future are a child’s parents.​

Our Aims:

  • The main aim of Parenting Limerick is to support parents, agencies and services that work with children to achieve better outcomes.
  •  To promote the message parents are the most important people in their child’s life and the biggest influence on their future. With support from their parents – children can be anything that they want to be.
  •  To make a significant and sustainable impact on the lives of children.
  • To create awareness among parents and families of all services and resources available to them.

Parenting is the most important job in the world, but it is also the most challenging! No one can do it by themselves. We hope that loveparenting.ie will be a resource to support you in your parenting so that you can build a happy, nurturing, loving relationship with your child.


  1. I am a CYPSC Co-ordinator in Cork and this is my first time looking at your website and it is very impressive, well done to all involved. The reason I am looking at it is we have just set up a new subgroup called ‘Supporting Parents’ and we are currently in the process of looking at how best to share information on universal services with parents, including stages of development and key messages. You have given us some great ideas, thank you.

  2. Sharon MC anulty

    Hi I was at your event in south court hotel didn’t know anything about ye only I went to playgroup with my sister run by Hosiptal resource centre I think this site is fantastic and informative I think ye should give notes to parents in school advertising it as I would not have known if I had not attended playgroup

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