Cutting Costs with a New Baby

  1. Focus on What You Really Need. There’s no way around the fact that having a new baby means acquiring new things, but try to focus on the basics—a buggy, a safe, comfortable place for the baby to sleep, a car seat if you have a car, simple, soft clothes. There are a lot of extras (baby wipe warmers, for instance) that you might like but they are really not essential.
  2. Remember that Second Hand is Not Second Best. Friends, families, colleagues, neighbours—people around you will likely have baby items they are willing to give you. Part of preparing for baby is nesting and making your living space cosy—but this doesn’t have to mean buying the latest model of absolutely everything. Second hand goods are better for the environment and your wallet. It will also allow you to splash out on one or two things that you really like.
  3. The Shops Will Still Be Open after Baby Arrives. Being pregnant and giving birth can be scary for a number of reasons including the sense of a loss of control. The most elaborate, well thought out birth plan doesn’t guarantee that things will go according to plan. But, we can control the colour scheme of the nursery, the make and model of the buggy, the suction strength of the breast pump, and it can be a comfort to have everything ready and waiting. Of course, buy what you need and enjoy that part of the preparation, but if you’re not sure, don’t buy it. You really can get it later.

Provided by ABC Start Right