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Top tips for Packing Healthy Picnics

Top tips for Packing Healthy Picnics

In the true spirit of making hay while the sun shines, what better way to spend time with your children than on a picnic? Whether it’s in your back garden, the local park or on a beach, there are a few ways to elevate your picnic from the ordinary to the memorable:

  • Include your child in the planning – where will we go? What will we bring? Who’s in charge of the games? Assigning roles can create a little extra excitement.
  • Consider a theme – if you just read a book together or watched a family movie, think of simple ways to incorporate it into the picnic. Winnie the Pooh would bring a honey dip for his chopped fruit, right? Frozen yoghurt sounds like a treat for Elsa and Anna fans. Grapes and melon slices make great Hungry Caterpillars. The possibilities are endless!
  • Freeze up some berries and you have fruity ice cubes for water – Cartons of juice are sugary and aren’t re-sealable so bottles of cold water are very picnic-friendly.
  • Play games – Picnics aren’t all about food. Bring along a board game or a deck of cards for some fun while sitting down, and maybe a ball or Frisbee to encourage a run-around.

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