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Top tips for easing the discomfort of teething

Top tips for easing the discomfort of teething

When your baby or toddler  morphs into a small vampire and everything is fair game for a bite, its good have a few tricks up your sleeve:

  • Use your clean finger or a damp, clean muslin cloth to apply gentle pressure to the gums
  • Keep teething aids (rings, rubber spoons etc.) in the fridge to cool inflamed gums
  • Frozen fruit or veggies (put in mesh for younger babies) can numb sore gums, and have the added benefit of introducing new tastes. Double-jobbing is always a plus!
  • Dry the drool: We are often so focused on the discomfort inside the mouth, we can forget about the chafing and irritation that comes with a teething rash. Pat your baby’s chin gently and often with a soft cloth, and apply a barrier cream when drooling becomes fast and furious
  • Pain relief: There are times (think 4am, when a banshee-like sound wakes the house) when teething can make your baby feverish and quite miserable. An appropriate dose of baby paracetamol or ibuprofen will provide relief in those cases, where all of the above don’t
  • Empathise! ‘Cranky’ or ‘off-form’ are the most common descriptions of teething babies and toddlers. Bear in mind how you feel when you have are in pain; you probably want equal doses of relief and sympathy. So, go heavy on the hugs when your small vampire strikes.

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