Incredible Years

Programme Manager, Incredible Years,
PAUL Partnership, Unit 25a Tait Business Centre
Dominic Street, Limerick
Tel: 061 419388

The Incredible Years Programme is an international, early intervention programme targeting children ranging in age from young infants to twelve years old to enhance social, emotional and behavioural development. Incredible Years consists of three types of programmes, aimed at parents/guardians, children and teachers.

Each of the programmes aims to achieve long-term positive impacts on children’s behaviour. The programmes are offered in a range of community and educational settings.

Parents Plus

Please see for information on upcoming Parents Plus Programmes.

Parents Plus is an Irish charity that develops practical, evidence-based parenting and mental health programmes. Parents Plus programmes are delivered in Limerick in response to demand. Parents Plus offers a suite of programmes including an Early Years Programme, Children’s Programme, Adolescent Programme, Parenting When Separated and a programme for young people, Working it Out


Parents Plus Parenting When Separated

Please see for information on upcoming Parenting When Separated Programmes.

Parents Plus Parenting When Separated is a practical and positive evidence-based course for parents who are preparing for, going through or have gone through a separation or divorce.

It is offered several times a year in response to demand and need.


Strengthening Families

Community Substance Misuse Team Leader, Third Floor,
Theatre Court, Mallow Street, Limerick
Tel: 061 317688

Strengthening Families is a skills based programme for the whole family targeted at parents/carers and young people ages 12-16. It is a 14 week programme that focuses on 3 skill sets: teen skills, parent skills and family skills.

The programme addresses communication issues within the family unit through supporting positive family behaviour. The programmes are offered in a range of community settings.

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Being a Parent is the Most Important Job in the world

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